Unlocked - The True Art of Writing a Memorable Paper

The very highest marks are rarely awarded, and even the best students in a class may never attain them. It's because they are reserved for the essays that really stand out. They are the essays that evoke the thoughts and inspire the mind the essays that don't come along very often. Paper writing is a difficult skill to refine at the best of times, but writing a paper to get the top grades seems impossible. The good news is that any student can get them if they really try.

Create a Tantalizing Question

To start any research paper it's necessary to create a question that's going to hook the reader in. Of course, the reader is going to read it anyway as they have no choice, but if it's a boring question then they are going to be reading it rather half-heartedly. Start with a question that gets tongues wagging immediately. The controversial is always a good category to start with as it's something that sets the passions alight. Just be careful to get it right because messing up a controversial topic is going to lose more marks than it gains.

Another idea is to go for a subject that's well-known and attack it with a new perspective. Paper writing doesn't always have to stick with what's known. Tutors prefer it if students writing a paper opt for something more edgy as the chances are they've read all the traditional points of view time and time again.

Back Everything Up

Average essays will back up all the main points with evidence whilst still including the writer's opinion, which may or may not have evidence to back it up. A professional essay is the one that gets the top marks. No statement can be made in a professional essay without any evidence to back it up. It's the reason why official papers are always so long and drawn out as no unsubstantiated statements can be included.

Creating a paper is all about evidence. Understandably, quite strict word counts are utilized at the student level. If it comes down to a choice of including more points and thinning out the amount of evidence or including fewer points with more evidence then opt for the latter. A professional writer would always choose the latter. An essay is stronger with evidence than with the same amount of evidence stretched over a greater number of points. Think of it as a scenario where butter is scraped over too much bread.

Destroy the Opposition

Creating a paper on the part of an average student will involve explaining why one point of view is right with various pieces of evidence to back it up. If a student wants to write a paper that stands out from the crowd then it's important that they mention the opposing arguments and then decimate them with evidence. Show the diversity of research by demonstrating that the other side has been taken into account when coming up with any arguments.